Zalsider: Star Beings and the Essence of Infinity

Zalsider-HeaderWhat is Zalsider?  A better question is who are Zalsider?

Zalsider are a collective of teachers from the cosmos…too many to count.  They represent over 57 constellations in our night sky, not just stars, but constellations.  They are interdimensional and immense in number, but they are living in Source Energy, same as us.

I begin channelling Zalsider January 1, 2016.  They are an extension of my intuition and feel familiar, as they’ve been with me for my entire life.  Our work together focuses on guidance for living the New Earth, and supporting the paradigm shift of conscious creation in the 4th dimension bridge, heading for the 5th.  They are providing many tools on how to nurture our relationship with Source Energy and each other, including manifestation, dream work, exploring alternate timelines and versions of yourself, and enjoying the infinite present. Over all, they encourage love, harmony and peace, and are both thrilled and grateful to be co-creating with us in this epic transition.

Ways in which Zalsider is interacting with the world:

*Offering guidance on connecting with one’s own guides and trusting intuitive (and consequently Source) wisdom

 *Offering guidance on navigating one’s interdimensionality

 *Encouraging collective sharing through an encyclopaedia of information gathered on and from higher dimensional teachers

 *Co-creating physical locations for this collective sharing as the Universities & Interstellar Communications Centers, described in Jeanne White Eagle’s vision.

Does this jive with you? You can check out their blog posts, or join their email list for regular words and videos from them.  Also, we’re putting together a Glossary of Zalsider Vernacular, if you’d like to see how they define energy and all it’s splendiforousness!

Their motto: Hold what resonates, respect what doesn’t.


(Wait, back up, back up…how did Randi get to where she’s channeling Star Beings?!? Check out “My Origin Story with Zalsider”. 😉



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