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Geezles, that’s so awesome you decided to join the Story Creates Facebook Group! (If you haven’t and want to, click here!)

Story Creates is storytelling meets creation. It’s the novel series “The Story” and a community of readers (hey that’s you!). If you’re interested in the juicy details of the Story Creates platform, subscribe on the Story Creates page.  (Thanks!) In the Facebook group, we mostly focus on the joy of being a CREATOR.  Want to know more about what that means?  Check out a CREATE! blog post that explains more about my ideas on creation.
There are weekly prompts to inspire discussion; though as in life, we will break routine to shake it up and wiggle around words!  If you feel moved to comment on any of these topics, feel free to post at any time.  

Our Dabbles in Daily Discourse:
Set the Scene Monday!
What are your intentions for the week?
Tell it Tuesday!
What’s your story morning glory? The more we tell of powerful/positive experiences, great or small, the more they come our way!
Happy Hump Day!
What makes you happy? What are your favorite creations? Happiness makes more happiness! Yay!
Rewrite Thursday!
What in your past would you like to re-create (as in do differently)? Share an experience as you wished it had happened. Or perhaps tell a story to your younger self, reassuring him or her from your current vantage. Who says Creators have to stick to a linear timeline?
Frame it Friday!
What’s the highlight of your week? Share the juiciest bits! The more we teeth on terrificness, the more greatness we get to sink into!
Weekend WOW! WOW!
Free for all! As long as it’s positive and wonderful, we can play as leisurely as the weekend wants!

The intention of the group is to support each other and provide an outlet for positive discussion.*  Please be considerate when posting–give good energy to get good energy. Feel free to link to your work in genuine sharing, but please no spammie whammies!

*Though our focus is on cultivating and appreciating happiness in our stories/lives, please know that it is not meant to feel fake or a compulsion to “sweep the uglies under the rug.”  I believe we have to face our demons if they come crawling; to ignore them often causes us more stress.  Please do not shy from speaking honestly and tell your truth, even if it includes more antagonizing plots at this point than positive ones.  We support each other no matter what types of lives we live!

Thank you for sharing!  And may your moments be magical…


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