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A friend who lives many miles away asked jokingly, “When are you getting married, Randi? We’ll have to come visit when that happens.”

The time has finally come.  My novel and I have been in a deep and devoted relationship since November 2009.  But first let me back track to April of that year.  I woke at four a.m. pregnant with inspiration from an intense dream.  The characters were a diverse group, the setting was dream-like strange, and of course I was involved in the developing romance.  The real kicker was the feeling of expansion upon waking.  This is it!  This is the story I’m meant to tell!  I wrote it all down, feverishly flushing over the keyboard.  This was my destiny.

So then I forgot about it.  November came and with it National Novel Writing Month, and I remembered my dream.  I decided to ask “The Story” out, having nothing more than a premonition of plot lines and characters.  It agreed, and the relationship began in the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC (when it was still on S. Lexington Ave).  Neither of us knew just how deep we would fall.

We courted, we wooed, I researched The Story‘s background and met all its friends/characters.  We got to know each other fully for a couple years and we spoke often of publication.  But the time wasn’t right.

I moved to Sydney, Australia.  We feared the distance, initially, but I found The Story was able to tag along; I met it at Word during lunch breaks from temp office gigs.  Our relationship deepened.  I moved to Wellington, New Zealand, expecting that we finally tie the knot, but something intervened.  Poetry.  I had flirted with Poetry a bit in Asheville and Sydney, but it was in Wellington that I really subscribed to that love affair.  Poetry and a consistent day job distracted me from The Story, and so we parted ways during that time.  We kept in touch every so often with renewed promises to be together, but somehow two and a half years flew by.  I realized that I wanted to be with The Story.  I wanted to make that final commitment and move beyond charming character sketches and delicious dialogue.  Our relationship had more to teach me, and perhaps, the world.  So in mid 2014, I proposed to The Story that we make it official.

It agreed!  Of course I had to do some traveling and move back to the States, but we are now reunited and our relationship is healthy as ever.  We speak, share, and create daily.  The Story has inspired me to teach, a desire/purpose resolving after much exposition and climax of life.  I’ve realized this is the reason for the years and the distance our partnership has endured – The Story is meant to be art paired with courses on creation* and higher consciousness.  It is a living book!  The Story supports me in what I’ve learned of creativity and art: we are all creative, we create ALL THE TIME, and we are manifestations of supreme spirit in various vehicles, virtuosities, and vibrations.

So I’m elated to announce our partnership is going public!  You are all invited to a release party in Asheville.  Please save the date, as the big day will be October 31, 2015.  The date commemorates The Story‘s birth – as my inspiration to pen it down, and the setting for its characters on Halloween of 2009.

Even better you will be able to read The Story in an exciting new platform online.  You will have the option to access online courses that life and our relationship have inspired. The Story has challenged me with these questions:  How you do create?  What stories do you tell?  How do these stories shape your experience?  How do you overcome thoughts of fear, limitation, and being under-qualified to make solid commitments to your life and art?  Do you realize you have access to a world of freedom and creation of ANYTHING you inspire?

Let’s create together!

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*Please hop in the loop to see a further explanation of what I mean by creation via film, woo! 


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