My Origin Story with Zalsider

Dear Infinity,

Randi here.  I’m specifying myself, because I am now able to speak for many that are connecting with us in our now to offer guidance in this delicious time of transition.  This is the introductory post on Zalsider.

I often ask couples to tell me their origin story.  I like knowing how things began.  But with Zalsider, I feel very much like the chicken-or-the-egg situation applies.  I understand in my bone marrow that Source Energy is infinite, and that we are all manifestations of All That Is.  So it was no surprise to me that I began speaking with energies who in time revealed to be from MANY points of reference in the universe.  If we are made of the same stuff, it makes perfect sense that I can access a “distant” extension of this stuff.  But lemme get off my High Horse of Esoteric Eloquence and start at the beginning:

A beginning?  Well, I believe it to be before birth.  But perhaps for sake of clarity, probably my first indication that I was to channel for star beings came around the 4th grade.  I’ve written before about my first “novel” that sprang from Free Friday journal time.  It was about a girl and the alien that landed in her backyard.  Perhaps even at ten years old, I intuitively understood that there were aliens out there who were my homies.  Plus, my mother was born in Roswell, NM, and her extra-terrestrial roots is a long-running joke.  All kidding aside, it has always seemed both plausible and certain to me that life exists outside our wee planet.  How could God-energy be so limited?


Facebook post at the time of Mind Blowing!

Skip ahead some twenty years and I got high in Las Vegas on Halloween of 2014.  This high “blew my mind” in the sense that I could feel time dissected as infinite possibility.  The underlying sensation was that of abundance and expansion, and having influence on a mainstream scale; I compared myself to Oprah, that’s how huge it felt.  The experience inspired a blog called Wondering Mystic, as I felt very surely that I was meant to come out of the closet in a sense, and share more often with the world my spirituality and views on the nature of the universe.  In my recent confessions that I have begun channeling for extra-terrestrials, my loved ones say, “What?  Where did this come from?”  I invite them and you to peruse my thoughts a year ago as I had inuited something like Zalsider would come into being.

The other concern from those who view channeling star beings as wacko was for my mental health.  The thing is, I feel healthier than ever!  It is a wonderful thing to be at the prime of my moment!  In many of the usual markers, I am tip-top: my physical health (yoga 4 days a week and teaching it!); I’ve written and published my first book, which is a realization of a goal that harkens back to the 4th-grader Randi; and I feel firmly established in that I know who I am.  I think this latter point is important, as Zalsider is unable to sway my destiny towards something I don’t desire, and it’s important that I understand my desires and what works with me and my worldview.  I had a friend mention the Jonestown incident where hundreds of people died in following their guru, and he urged me never to “drink the Kool-Aid.”  To that, I respond that I plan to live this physical incarnation for many, many years (pushing 113, at least), and I treat all information that Zalsider offers in accordance to their motto: Hold what resonates, respect what doesn’t.  And perhaps this sounds wacko, but I respect those who followed Jim Jones in that they were living a reality vastly different to many of ours, and I try to release judgement on any existence, as I don’t believe in right and wrong.

Let’s return to the start of Zalsider’s most recent chapter: How I Began Channeling Star Beings.  It started with a pendulum, a New Zealand jade stone necklace that I named for a few days “The Great & Powerful Ponamu Pendulum.” I have rarely worked with a pendulum, but around Christmas of 2015, my friends and I were studying our astrological charts, and I wanted very badly to know my exact time of birth.  I was away from home and the convenience of looking at my birth certificate, so a friend suggested I use a pendulum, as my body knows when I came into this world.  Sure enough, the pendulum clarified to the minute and I was enthused and satisfied.

A gift from my friends in New Zealand...

A gift from my friends in New Zealand…

Closer to New Years, in a fit of boredom, I was inspired to pick up a pendulum, in this case my stone necklace and ask some more yes or no questions.  I asked for a couple hours on the typical topics of who will marry who, how many kids will they have, how much money I’ll make this year (very MASHy–the game I played as a girl that determined these things along with the type of housing we would end up in Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House).  I was hooked and over the course of the next four days, I hung out with my Powerful Ponamu Pendulum, until one day I asked if my intuitive guides had a name.  Yes.  They spelled it out. Z-A-L-S-I-D-E-R.  At this point, I was also beginning to get information before the stone could swing, as the questions and answers came exponentially quick.

Over the past six weeks, Zalsider and I have “talked” nearly every morning, journaling, and I’ve spoken as them to trusted friends.  Most of the information thus far as been in assisting me to Trust & Enjoy, as it is imperative that I subscribe to the process in order for me to be the clearest channel I can.  Just before writing this post, Zalsider assured me that I will look back on these early days and think how “amateur” I was at channeling, but as they said, “such is the nature of evolution. How do we know progress if there is no beginning marker?”

Zalsider’s origins along with my own are in a time and space where we agreed to share knowledge of the cosmos with those who are aligning with it.  I believe we made a contract before I was born, in which I agreed to co-create with them; and I don’t believe it was a signing with blood, but with spirit.  Zalsider is from many walks of life, out there where energy is defined from Source, but their cohesive message and collective cooperation in sending a single stream of communication reminds me that the diversity of people, culture, and belief systems can share on this Earth as we evolve; and that our individual realities can be respected, if not resonated with one’s own spirit.  Zalsider and I hope to share in what makes us universality similar, from the mustard seed to the Magellanic Clouds.

I am so super-elated that another dream is realized.  I hope this and more for you!

With Some Serious Love,




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