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Wanna know how I got from sluggin’ around on the couch to publishing books and Creator Supreme status?
1111151330Pop the popcorn – this is a good one.  The setting – fourth grade classroom at Carrsville Elementary School.  Little Randi has a daily journal topic.  But on Fridays, oooo, that’s free day!  So on Fridays my imagination runs liberated and giddy great to a girl’s backyard where an alien creature has landed and becomes her pet and bestie.  It’s not too long before my teacher, Mrs. Folden, cottons on to the depths and endurance of my creativity and allows me to write my “book” every day during journal time.  “I’m going to dedicate this book to you, Mrs. Folden,” I say.
Fast-forward ten years and I wake up with the idea for another story.  I’m on summer break from college.  I write with verve and renewed resolve to finish this puppy and publish it.  I don’t tell anyone what it’s about, because I don’t want to spoil it for them!  I’m high off knowing I can do anything, so I’m certain the book will be on the bookstore shelves in no time.  “No time” becomes six years.   I write and work and finally decide to take a break from the book; I’ll just do a short piece to flex the imagination muscle.  I start drafting what is now The Story series.  (To read the complete origin story of our relationship, click here – more popcorn is recommended!)  The Story comes to me in the form of a dream, from which I wake with the absolute knowledge it will be a bestseller .
I now understand that premonition was the incredible energy of Story Creates and now. I had the same desires then to finish it quickly and publish, allowing the great wealth and attention of a bestseller come over me like a pro-surfer dream wave.  Instead, I move overseas and live there four years, working, traveling, and poetizing.  I leave a choice life in New Zealand, and at the end of 2014 I land in Asheville, NC to finish and finally publish my fiction.
You might say, “If you think you can do anything, then why didn’t you do it?  Why didn’t you publish those first books?”  Because I lived the refining of manifestion, learning the subtlties of creation.  Was that really what I wanted when I was ten, to be a published author?  No, I wanted to have a unicorn and play with my friends.  I would not have been able to manage my agent, editor, publicist and my imagination.  In college?  Maybe I could’ve handled it a bit better, but I also learned priceless lessons in confidence, cultivating my other talents and relationships.  The Story has become a book series and Story Creates, something I hadn’t seen on the horizon when I penned those first drafts.  I have realized my desires to play with others in this creation-station of a life, and that is infinitely more satisfying then the quick bucks of a bestseller and moving on to the next thing.  I see now how it has all unraveled quite perfectly.
What if we got what we wanted insta-quick?  Celebrity status?  Revenge?  A pet puma?  Would we really be ready for the pro-surfer dream wave?  We as Creators have this delicious buffer of time to refine what we truly want, and wade through the warm waters of where those desires originate.  That way we ride the wave with a salt-twinkling grin rather than crashing to broken bones.
From the inception of my aspiration to be a writer to now – those years have taught me patience and creation.  Let life define the delight and surprise in which things come.  Focus on the goal, the feeling of its result – what your experience will be like when it happens.  Design a desire not to fill a hole, not to fix something seemingly broken.  In order to align yourself with the groovy energy of your desire, find the grooviness in your now.  For me, that was camper-vanning New Zealand, appreciating insights from daily conversations, reading my book and saying, “Wowie, Ran, you are a talented writer.  I like what you have to say.  You are a worthy human, all right!!”  Never skip over that important and 100% solid fact: You matter.  All the time.  Every second – yes, now!  Woo!  Now, too!  And yep, RIGHT THIS MOMENT!
Get into that ten-year-old spirit.  Write your alien dialect in square font if it thrills you.  Go out and play! (Thanks for playing!)  Snack on popcorn when you get tired.  And as always, stay fabulous and stay tuned!
Love and Hot Pink,

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