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The Bible

I was sixteen and whining to my mother.  “I don’t know what to do!”  Lolling around on the couch like a slug under salt. “Ugh, I’m supposed to pick a college…I don’t even know what I want…life is so hard!  Ugh!”

My mom barely paused from whatever she was doing.  She threw a book at me.  It was titled Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting (which I lovingly covered with my teenage-funky-design and keep to this day).  That was my introduction to creating with intention.  It was less than a year later that I wrote an essay for my senior high school  English class about how the ideas in that book had changed my life.  I feel so blessed to have learned about this mighty mumbo jumbo at such a young age!

I’ve spent more than half my life aware.  Understanding that what happens to me is not up to chance or luck or the grand design of an external authority.  I understand my life is my own; I am the Creator of it – any grand designs will come from my imagination-sharpened pencil.  There is much responsibility that comes with this ideology, and many people fear holding that power.  It’s easier to have something or someone to blame.  But like anything, practice, play, and support from my own teachers and role models have lined this life silver.  I truly live in abundance, excitement, wonder, and many days are easy peas with cherries on top.  But I’ve learned the deliciousness of manifestations that differ from what I planned.  These are never disasters or divergence from design.  What might appear a hardship is a lesson; my life evolves in sublime form.  My toes wiggle in excitement for the next adventure, but they are strong as a ballerina’s, because I am here to grow and change.

In these years I have come to respect each person’s belief system.  We are all creating in accordance with our acceptance of laws of the universe, whether those are based on religion or science or poetry.  When I teach, I honor those systems in the way they have uniquely designed you, as mine has done for me.  If you are comfortable and happy in your universe, excellent.  If you are seeking to supplement with ideas that realize more of your own power, then I have much to say!  I regard most highly our right to be free and live this life as enigmatically and naturally singular as we were created into it.

So what would I tell that sixteen-year-old in turmoil?  Relax.  First step is to dream. Figuring out what you want is the hardest part, but also the most creative.  Explore as if you were five and given an infinite supply of crayons and paper and time to imprint the fascination of your inner worlds on this one.  Relax some more.  When those dreams come true, loll around in appreciation like a slug on watermelon smiles before sunrise.  Because they will come true.

They have, they do, they will be.

Thanks, Mom.

And thanks to you for playing!

With toes wiggling in excitement for my journey and yours…


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