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Creators!  Isn’t it delectable?  Creating?!

Do you see yourself as a Creator?  How often do you take credit for creating something?  Your frustrations?  Your happiness?  Do you feel you have to be an artsy person to be creative?

I believe WE ARE ALL CREATORS.  We bring people, events, and opportunities to our lives.  As deliciously as a chef creates a meal, or as impressively as a painter impresses a scene on a canvas, we are creating ourselves.  Why not do it with intention and create happiness and joy?

We all create according to our personal belief systems–your world is yours and it will never be like any other.  If you are comfortable living within the bounds of religion, spirituality, philosophy or science–by all means, continue!  What I have come to know in my life is that like energy attracts like.  A simple science of what we put out into the universe, we receive.  Some call it the golden rule or karma, others law of attraction–I call it creation.  If you focus on higher, or positive energies, you then create a happier life.

If this sounds like a wonderful concept, you may wonder: how do we start to practice conscious creation?  I’ve prepared a nifty acronym…CREATE!

C – Conceive

R – Relax

E – Enjoy!

A – Act

T – Tell

E – Enjoy!

The trick is to be happy to manifest happiness.  Sounds easy, but so often we wallow in worry or steep in stress.  The western culture has taught us to do and get done, but if we create with fun and easy temperaments, the product will produce itself, like slipping down a slide, or pressing “start” on a miracle machine!  The more we focus on the joy of living, the more we become appreciative and grateful.  This is my secret to life, and I’ve refined it for over 50% of my existence.  If you’ve been introduced to these concepts, keep the steps to CREATE close as a reminder of your power and the effortlessness of creating.  Be easy, life is meant to be fun.  If this is all new to you, try it out.  Pretend it’s vacation.  Perhaps you’ll find yourself waking to each day knowing it will be as carefree as a holiday!  Creating wonders as if it’s your sole job to paint your life vividly chromatic!  You’ll sleep sound, satisfied, and synergized to do it again tomorrow…

Check out my steps to CREATE below, and/or click to download the CREATE image and CREATE text (pdf).  If want to join a group to share your creative stories and revel your luscious evolution as a Creator, click to join the Story Creates Facebook group!



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Let your creativity bubble up like a burping brook.  Or erupt like a lava-caked mountaintop!  However far-fetched or mainstream your idea or desire, let it be worthwhile and honest as something that excites you.  Makes you thankful to be alive.  Ask why until the answer rings like crystal under your circling finger.  If you want a million dollars because you think it will solve all your problems, the glass might break.  If you want more income because you’ve decided to work in the area of your passion, then prepare for music!  You were born to create!  Conceive!


That’s right.  Kick back.  We’ve been trained to gogogo, doodoodoo!  But if we go from stress to stress, then we lose the joy of the creation process.  If you want/need to do something, find a way to fall in love with the doing.  If love is too strong a word, then fall in like.  Play your favorite music and the dishes will do themselves.  Sing.  Keep your energy easy.  Or be a rebel – let the stew pot stew for a day.  Your creation is coming; it arrives when you are energetically élan as your desire. Really. You deserve it.  Relax.


What thrills you about the conception?  What about it makes you go mmmm?  No matter what the idle time, you can enjoy it. If you are waiting in line, flex the positive imagination muscle – that’s what it’s for! How yum does your creation feel?  If your imagination doesn’t want to play, then observe the goodness around you.  What about your life is as brilliant as your brainchild? Smell the coffee.  Love that you are standing on two feet.  The rain sounds like nourishment.  Be present and be amazed at all the wild vitality.  Enjoy.


OMG are you inspired?  Then the time is now!  Take action when it feels like lining up, when it feels easy, and the timing is impeccable.  Not when you are obligated, or you have to haul yourself to the plate because otherwise your negative imagination creates ostracization (head in sand?).  Don’t swing outta fear!  Swing the bat when the pitch is perfect.  When your gut says “GO!”  When you know it’s gonna be out of the park, and you chuckle, haha, yeah, this is going to be a great story.  Act.


Have you created the intended yet?  If so, tell the world!  “This unfolded and ooh la la it’s fabulous!”  Don’t worry, you aren’t arrogant or tall poppy (unless you are – if unsure, ask someone you trust).  Being over the moon by your creative abilities inspires others.  The great creation sphere spins!  Tell your success story and by default you create more success. If your creation is still cooking, say “it smells delicious.” It’s not your job to clock it; it’s your job to eat a donut.  Tell stories about how wonderful it will be, or about how that one time was epic.  Creation is passion- spread the word.  Tell.


You are creating.  If you focus on the ooey gooey good stuff, more will come along.  If you focus on the thrill, strap in baby, and enjoy the ride.  You are creating.  It’s why you’re here!  Might as well enjoy it.  And the more you do that, the more flavors you’ll have to savor.  Every lining has a silver, every dark a light, every achievement a congrats.  You owe to yourself.  Well done – let’s celebrate and create some more!  Enjoy!

© 2015 Randi Janelle

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