Cellular Transformation is Stellar!

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Ahoy multi-dimensional beings!

Guess what?! We become new humans every seven years! Yay!

When I first heard that our cells replace themselves so frequently that we are essentially transformed every seven years, it made intuitive sense to me. But of course! This is how at age thirty-two I still feel like a child! I’m essentially only four and a half “bodies” old.

Of course, modern science might view the total transformation idea with a questionable grimace.  And so instead of nitty gritty datariffic facts, I’ve found a delightful wee video that talks specifics about how quickly which parts of the body regenerate:

I do enjoy this video and the way it breaks the idea down. But being a practitioner of intuition and balancing the spheres, I want to comment on the left-brain origination of that science. The left-brain is our linear, logical processer and also the house of the ego. (Time to put your ear muffs on, ego!) The left-brain is quite limited in its perception. It needs data and facts and calculations to hold something as true.

Our right-brain however, simply knows truth. It speaks not in language but in gut feelings, rather in ALL feelings. The right-brain, or intuition, understands that we are all expansion – limitless, eternal beings. Emotions are the body’s indicators of how we are relating human life to that expansion. If something feels bad or any variation of not-good, it tells us we are lowering in vibration from that pure joy of universal consciousness. This doesn’t mean we have to feel total joy totally all the time; what’s the point of living a human life then? Anything “less” than joy is simply the communication of the right-brain that we are forgetting our true, enlightened selves.

The left-brain would say that’s silly, to believe something true because of the way it feels. But fair enough l-b, it’s been scientifically proven the r-b has a different way of “thinking”. To boil it down, if you think something, it’s originates from the left-brain; if you know it without needing empirical evidence, it’s the right-brain. We know how art affects us before analyzing it. We know what we like before having to explain it. Sometimes a hatred of brussel sprouts just is.

In Western society, we’ve created a culture and education system that derives from the left-brain. In yoga however, we focus on our connection to energy beyond linear thought, to consciousness. The left-brain likes the wee video above and knowing which specific parts of the body regenerate at what rates. The right-brain smiles we are limitless – there is nothing the body can’t do.

(Left-brain shouts, “What!? But we can’t fly! How do you explain that!” Well, I’ve always felt that I should be able to fly. I could argue about flying in dreams and times of meditation or total bliss in which I was flying, but the nitty gritty intuiteriffic truth is that we can. We simply believe ourselves as a species incapable at this time and on this planet. But I suppose that’s a whole other blog post ; )

So – cellular transformation! When does it happen? ALL THE TIME. We are constantly remaking and remolding ourselves. We work out, we build muscles. We sit at computers for eight-hour workdays, our wrists and back hurt. We eat, we process waste, we grow hair, we cut it. Mostly, we are unaware of the major metamorphoses happening at a cellular level. We create around two trillion cells a day!

Okay, so now we’re aware of the mighty cellular magic happening within our bodies. How can we benefit from it? Well, the answer is in the statement. Awareness! Our concentrated energy is the ticket. If we take the expansion that the right-brain knows is our birth right and apply it to our bodies, we remember we are limitless. We remember the difference between deteriorating towards death and aging slowly, joyously, with grace and appreciation for our transitions.

We work out, yes, but we can do it with consciousness. We can practice yoga and move with intention and gratitude for the work our wee cells do for us every nanosecond! We build muscles, and we can reshape them into health and flexibility, aware of the form and function of elegance and mobility they provide us. We might sit at computers, but we can bring awareness to the wrists and back that are indicating that something in the body/mind/spirit is unaligned. Yes, it speaks to the unnatural position of the body for such long stretches of time, but perhaps it also speaks to the mind and spirit’s unrest and dislike of the job itself. You can strap on support braces, but the energetic problem must be addressed or else the body will manifest the discontent in other ways. Let’s allow the right-brain to communicate, hold weight, and balance the spheres. Let’s eat food with gratitude and joy and bless it for our bodies better to use.   The energy of awareness, intention, and thankfulness infuse our hard working cells, our relationships, everything in our lives with vitality and purpose.

Today we might think our bodies are “renewed” every seven to fifteen years, but imagine what we would know if we lived consciously connected to infinite joy… perhaps we might find ourselves flying!

Oh so much love,


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