Save the Date!

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A friend who lives many miles away asked jokingly, “When are you getting married, Randi? We’ll have to come visit when that happens.”

The time has finally come.  My novel and I have been in a deep and devoted relationship since November 2009.  But first let me back track to April of that year.  I woke at four a.m. pregnant with inspiration from an intense dream.  The characters were a diverse group, the setting was dream-like strange, and of course I was involved in the developing romance.  The real kicker was the feeling of expansion upon waking.  This is it!  This is the story I’m meant to tell!  I wrote it all down, feverishly flushing over the keyboard.  This was my destiny.

So then I forgot about it.  November came and with it National Novel Writing Month, and I remembered my dream.  I decided to ask “The Story” out, having nothing more than a premonition of plot lines and characters.  It agreed, and the relationship began in the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, NC (when it was still on S. Lexington Ave).  Neither of us knew just how deep we would fall.

We courted, we wooed, I researched The Story‘s background and met all its friends/characters.  We got to know each other fully for a couple years and we spoke often of publication.  But the time wasn’t right.

I moved to Sydney, Australia.  We feared the distance, initially, but I found The Story was able to tag along; I met it at Word during lunch breaks from temp office gigs.  Our relationship deepened.  I moved to Wellington, New Zealand, expecting that we finally tie the knot, but something intervened.  Poetry.  I had flirted with Poetry a bit in Asheville and Sydney, but it was in Wellington that I really subscribed to that love affair.  Poetry and a consistent day job distracted me from The Story, and so we parted ways during that time.  We kept in touch every so often with renewed promises to be together, but somehow two and a half years flew by.  I realized that I wanted to be with The Story.  I wanted to make that final commitment and move beyond charming character sketches and delicious dialogue.  Our relationship had more to teach me, and perhaps, the world.  So in mid 2014, I proposed to The Story that we make it official.

It agreed!  Of course I had to do some traveling and move back to the States, but we are now reunited and our relationship is healthy as ever.  We speak, share, and create daily.  The Story has inspired me to teach, a desire/purpose resolving after much exposition and climax of life.  I’ve realized this is the reason for the years and the distance our partnership has endured – The Story is meant to be art paired with courses on creation* and higher consciousness.  It is a living book!  The Story supports me in what I’ve learned of creativity and art: we are all creative, we create ALL THE TIME, and we are manifestations of supreme spirit in various vehicles, virtuosities, and vibrations.

So I’m elated to announce our partnership is going public!  You are all invited to a release party in Asheville.  Please save the date, as the big day will be October 31, 2015.  The date commemorates The Story‘s birth – as my inspiration to pen it down, and the setting for its characters on Halloween of 2009.

Even better you will be able to read The Story in an exciting new platform online.  You will have the option to access online courses that life and our relationship have inspired. The Story has challenged me with these questions:  How you do create?  What stories do you tell?  How do these stories shape your experience?  How do you overcome thoughts of fear, limitation, and being under-qualified to make solid commitments to your life and art?  Do you realize you have access to a world of freedom and creation of ANYTHING you inspire?

Let’s create together!

And if you haven’t already – go here to subscribe for email updates.  Learn about characters before they are published on the page.  Be inspired by real-life protagonists I’ve found in my research!  Get creative tidily bits before the whole shebang bangs, baby!  Gosh, thanks so much!



*Please hop in the loop to see a further explanation of what I mean by creation via film, woo! 

Wind through International Women’s Exhibit


Wind is showing through the month of April in the International Women’s Exhibit sponsored by Women in Focus.  There are a plethora of stunning images, please click here to give ’em a looksie!

Cellular Transformation is Stellar!

Cunning Curve

Ahoy multi-dimensional beings!

Guess what?! We become new humans every seven years! Yay!

When I first heard that our cells replace themselves so frequently that we are essentially transformed every seven years, it made intuitive sense to me. But of course! This is how at age thirty-two I still feel like a child! I’m essentially only four and a half “bodies” old.

Of course, modern science might view the total transformation idea with a questionable grimace.  And so instead of nitty gritty datariffic facts, I’ve found a delightful wee video that talks specifics about how quickly which parts of the body regenerate:

I do enjoy this video and the way it breaks the idea down. But being a practitioner of intuition and balancing the spheres, I want to comment on the left-brain origination of that science. The left-brain is our linear, logical processer and also the house of the ego. (Time to put your ear muffs on, ego!) The left-brain is quite limited in its perception. It needs data and facts and calculations to hold something as true.

Our right-brain however, simply knows truth. It speaks not in language but in gut feelings, rather in ALL feelings. The right-brain, or intuition, understands that we are all expansion – limitless, eternal beings. Emotions are the body’s indicators of how we are relating human life to that expansion. If something feels bad or any variation of not-good, it tells us we are lowering in vibration from that pure joy of universal consciousness. This doesn’t mean we have to feel total joy totally all the time; what’s the point of living a human life then? Anything “less” than joy is simply the communication of the right-brain that we are forgetting our true, enlightened selves.

The left-brain would say that’s silly, to believe something true because of the way it feels. But fair enough l-b, it’s been scientifically proven the r-b has a different way of “thinking”. To boil it down, if you think something, it’s originates from the left-brain; if you know it without needing empirical evidence, it’s the right-brain. We know how art affects us before analyzing it. We know what we like before having to explain it. Sometimes a hatred of brussel sprouts just is.

In Western society, we’ve created a culture and education system that derives from the left-brain. In yoga however, we focus on our connection to energy beyond linear thought, to consciousness. The left-brain likes the wee video above and knowing which specific parts of the body regenerate at what rates. The right-brain smiles we are limitless – there is nothing the body can’t do.

(Left-brain shouts, “What!? But we can’t fly! How do you explain that!” Well, I’ve always felt that I should be able to fly. I could argue about flying in dreams and times of meditation or total bliss in which I was flying, but the nitty gritty intuiteriffic truth is that we can. We simply believe ourselves as a species incapable at this time and on this planet. But I suppose that’s a whole other blog post ; )

So – cellular transformation! When does it happen? ALL THE TIME. We are constantly remaking and remolding ourselves. We work out, we build muscles. We sit at computers for eight-hour workdays, our wrists and back hurt. We eat, we process waste, we grow hair, we cut it. Mostly, we are unaware of the major metamorphoses happening at a cellular level. We create around two trillion cells a day!

Okay, so now we’re aware of the mighty cellular magic happening within our bodies. How can we benefit from it? Well, the answer is in the statement. Awareness! Our concentrated energy is the ticket. If we take the expansion that the right-brain knows is our birth right and apply it to our bodies, we remember we are limitless. We remember the difference between deteriorating towards death and aging slowly, joyously, with grace and appreciation for our transitions.

We work out, yes, but we can do it with consciousness. We can practice yoga and move with intention and gratitude for the work our wee cells do for us every nanosecond! We build muscles, and we can reshape them into health and flexibility, aware of the form and function of elegance and mobility they provide us. We might sit at computers, but we can bring awareness to the wrists and back that are indicating that something in the body/mind/spirit is unaligned. Yes, it speaks to the unnatural position of the body for such long stretches of time, but perhaps it also speaks to the mind and spirit’s unrest and dislike of the job itself. You can strap on support braces, but the energetic problem must be addressed or else the body will manifest the discontent in other ways. Let’s allow the right-brain to communicate, hold weight, and balance the spheres. Let’s eat food with gratitude and joy and bless it for our bodies better to use.   The energy of awareness, intention, and thankfulness infuse our hard working cells, our relationships, everything in our lives with vitality and purpose.

Today we might think our bodies are “renewed” every seven to fifteen years, but imagine what we would know if we lived consciously connected to infinite joy… perhaps we might find ourselves flying!

Oh so much love,


Winter Impressions



you soft cadence you

hard edges yes

but simmering potential energies underneath.


chapped textures and all

rubbing time to silent stillness.


One day

you will be a memory

in hot sultry sun

and we will drink you

internal icy inkling.

Cool and slick

licking lips lusting

to glide fingers

naked from fingerless mittens

and hearty batiked boot bottoms

to slide

nervous and thrilled


upon your surfaces.

Peacing It Together


Oh hey, readers!

I’ve written before about how timing is impeccable. I’ve had a few ideas swirling around my existence lately, so of course I’m going to explore them all in one post. All things are connected.

My left-brain says, “geez, this could be too much, how will the readers follow you?”

My right-brain, however, merely smiles. Her voice is silent, and the thought comes all at once. More as a feeling. They will follow.

My yoga training manual describes the first limb of Ashtanga yoga, the five yamas, or disciplines. I admit, I’ve had to allow some of these yamas to present their truths as examples in my life, because initially on paper, I was confused by a lot of their definitions. We discussed them in class, yes, and despite or because of the combination of three different languages, my left-brain threw in the towel. But my intuition said, don’t worry about it. Wait. The time has come, and I now understand two rather similar yamas – asteya which means “not-taking” or perhaps more aptly for our current Western society – “non-consumerism” and aparigraha, meaning “non-possessiveness” or “generosity.” How very alike, no? How do I tell those two apart, and how do they relate to my day to day?

Considering it’s been several years since I’ve had the desire to spend my babysitting money at the mall, or put my paycheck into a savings account for a new car, the “non-consumerism” verbiage didn’t seem to apply to my life anymore. But what is consumerism? It is not just the accumulation of material things, but it is filling a void with those things. It is purchasing happiness. When do we possess? To fill that same void? When are we generous? When we give from the opposite of that void – from fulfillment.

The first line of my novel is a real kicker. It’s perhaps not an original idea, but I had never heard it spoken before – “inspiration vs. obligation.” Like the two yamas, these ideas are similar, but we can feel just as strongly as we can rationalize the difference between inspiration and obligation. It’s feeling that will more aptly tell us whether we’re doing something because we are inspired, or because we are obligated. Does it feel great? Does it feel like genuine creativity? Or something that feels sub-par to meet the deadline? If we are in tune with our intuition, we know.

To intuitively hop across examples and ideas, a moment ago I was starting a book called a Leap of Perception by Penney Peirce. I know I have a book to write, an entire megalith of story and teaching to prepare, but something tells me to wait.

“But I haven’t done a blog post in so long!” my left-brain protests.



I settled into this gloriously spring-infused winter day by grabbing that new book and gulping in the fresh air of an open window. I watched the cats do the same, their noses drinking in new scents, and the world, the world!

“The world is waiting for you and your leaps of perception! If you’re not going to write, then at least be out in the world on this fine day!”

Shhh, left-brain. These thoughts are born of my cultural training, “do this, do that. Do, do, do!”  I’m not knocking it; it has its purpose.  I have experienced and produced much because of that drive. My gut, however, rules the roost more often, because the elation of doing what feels right in the moment trumps any sense of obligation. And so I inhaled, felt the same bliss that connects the cats to the world, and I started reading.

I only got a few pages in, perhaps the introduction; the numerals on the bottom of the pages were still roman. Only then did the “work”/wisdom come to me. I’m peacing it together. Yes! Peace! Quiet, stillness, listening to your intuition – that’s what brings in the great messages of our personal wisdom. When we are at peace, the universe turns her magic. A manifestation (the finished novel) might not be front and center, but it’s coming. And often, it’s peace we must attain to be the most productive in “making things happen.”  Penney Peirce said the same about the book I had in my hands.  She thought, “oh yes, time to write another book” but in order to create Leap of Perception, her intuition told her to wait.  “The fruit wasn’t ripe yet.”  She had more years, experiences, and illuminations to collect.

So what does this have to do with asteya and aparigraha? Well, everything. I’ve come to see these two yamas as partners. I believe aparigraha, or generosity, is inspiration. We do something because it feels honest and good, and there is no other reward than to have a meaningful connection. Asteya, or not-taking, deems that we honor those transactions that are given from inspiration, rather than obligation. If we demand something of somebody who is not inspired or willing to give it, then we are not going to receive authenticity from that person. We would be trying to fill a void, and most likely that transaction would result in dissatisfaction. Perhaps the way consumerism can. We can fill a home with things, or a life with luxurious vacations, but if these actions aren’t born from inspiration, we are left searching for genuine connection (one born from aparigraha) to life and others.

Asteya is awareness of what you’re receiving. If it’s something that’s handed over from obligation, perhaps refuse. Or if it feels flat or disappointing, think about how it was produced. An example: demanding rudely for that extra shot of espresso absent in your regular coffee because the barista-in-training fumbled in the morning rush. Even after hustling that shot in the drink, perhaps the coffee tastes like water.  Perhaps it gives you a bad case of the shits. But if you let it slide, you might find you get the next extra shot for free, or because you chose a generous smile to her instead of demands, she catches the mistake and gives you a whole other drink and cookie gratis AND a smile in return.

Of course this idea extends beyond coffee to connections of all sorts. Aparigraha and asteya are simply transactions of energy. They are alive in our connections with food, our technologies, our pets, and certainly people. Do we converse with inspiration or obligation with our partners? Our friends? Our parents? Our society?


Yoga is union of yourself and your body. If you are making too many demands on your body because you think you should be stronger or more flexible, then you are not being generous. If I write my novel for a self-imposed deadline of a month from now, then I am not acting from inspiration. That deadline feels flat, too quick, to much born from obligation to my readers.

I am in the business of inspiration. And recognizing when something is illusion.  The void is an illusion.  We are born fulfilled, we need only relax.  Simply peace it together.

“Obligation?  To what readers?”

They will come. When the time is right. This blog post is done. Now go enjoy the sunshine…and the world.




Oh hello, my gorgeous world!

Thanks for coming to my party.  What’s the occasion?

See that dancing, talking cat?  His name is Gumbo.  Many say he’s handsome with his white and ginger coat, all regal in his statuesque posture, but I can’t get over his slightly lazy eye, and the memory of it more prominent as a kitten.  I always sense the insanity in him.

That’s why he dances and talks.  More like scurries, stop, demand!  We are playing fetch as I write this post and sip water from an everyday glass at my party.  Today I’m throwing and he’s chasing a silver twist tie woven around a paperclip.  This is utmost excitement and action, and I’m glad you’re here to enjoy the entertainment!

I hope you’re feeling fabulous in your gowns and tuxedos.  Right, the occasion!  Since the dawn of 2015, I’ve been updating and refining this website, to reflect the Randi Janelle’s Coat of Many Colors.  Randi Janelle has been alive and clothed for a few years now, but she is stepping fully into her splendor – fabrics of various shades and shimmers.

Like so many I’ve met in my generation, I’ve taken the plunge and quit the day job for my artistic endeavors.  This is now my day job.  I am what my mother calls “a multi-potential,” one with many talents and many avenues to tread.  A Jacqueline of All Trades.  A Renaissance Woman.  Roar!  I feel powerful in all that interests me and the multitude of creations I add to this universe.

This site, this blog is one of those creations.  It’s a culmination of my work in whatever form it might take – a photograph, yoga workshop, performance, adventures in Novel Novel Landinsights from dreams and creativity.

It’s kind of a big deal, and I’m so glad you have come to the unveiling.  I hope my work inspires you to seek and conquer your dreams.

Now, since today’s yoga practice focused on the yama*, satya, meaning truth, I will be honest with you.  This quitting the day job is scary, monster like at moments, and simply “oh gawd, do I have a booger on my face?” frightening at times…the point is, it isn’t easy.  There is something udderly comfortable about sucking on the teat of the regular paycheck.  But I believe in the power of the Universe, and MYSELF, which is the most important thing to do…well, always.

And so while we sup at this party and sip from our imaginary golden chalices, we play with Gumbo the cat.  He is me, and the Universe is tossing shiny manifestations my way.  I holler and meeoow and make my demands, but the Universe is orchestrating this blog post of my life at the rate of her (and my, the creator’s) comfort.  Only when the timing is perfect does she get out of her office chair and toss it.  I sometimes feel the insanity of my fixations, the big desires to have that one great paycheck come my way, or see the novel in printed, completed form, but the real fun is the chase.  That’s why Gumbo comes back again and again and again.

So that’s my speech and strange metaphor on life.  Thanks for coming to celebrate the alluring and “fetching” journey of it!

We begin!  Let’s raise our cups!  Cheers!



P.S.  What’s that noise behind all the clinking?  It’s Gumbo purring.  He so enjoys.


*Yamas are the first limb of Ashtanga yoga, or “disciplines.”  Ashta in Sanskrit means “eight” and anga means “limbs.”  So lucky for us there are seven other organized themes to Ashtanga yoga to dribble through life and learn about in blog posts…:)

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