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Meet the Characters: Rochelle

Rochelle Haunting SigmaRemember Dan’s speed dating interview?  Well this is:

Rochelle Martinez, 29. Journalist.

ROCHELLE: I don’t mean to be rude, but I am not interested in a relationship.  My friend Toby set this up, I’m sure.


CREATOR: Okay.  Is that why you’re on a Chastity Challenge?


ROCHELLE: Did he tell you that?  (Looking around) Mierda, Tobias Tyrrell…


CREATOR: Can you explain the Chastity Challenge, please?


ROCHELLE: (Sighs) It’s a personal pact to stay celibate for a year.  I’ve got too much to do to focus on men right now.


CREATOR: How’s that going?


ROCHELLE: Well, thank you.


CREATOR: You miss your family?


ROCHELLE: (Leaning forward) Do you mind if I see that note card?  What all is on there?


CREATOR: Just that you lost your family in Hurricane Katrina.  You’re from New Orleans?


ROCHELLE: Yes.  My parents and grandmother drowned in the flood.  I was living in Georgetown and finishing my masters at the time…


CREATOR: You keep rubbing your temples.  Are you feeling okay?

ROCHELLE: Actually, I have a terrible headache.

CREATOR: I’m sorry to hear that.  You haven’t been sleeping very well?


ROCHELLE: No.  Did he really put that on the card?  (Crossing arms)  I’ve been having intense dreams.  About a slave girl on a plantation in Louisiana, outside New Orleans somewhere.  She’s…it’s as if she’s haunting me…


CREATOR: Have you been haunted by dreams like this before?


ROCHELLE: Huh, I knew I shouldn’t have shared this with Toby.  Yes, yes, I have.  I call them “Medium Migraines.”  It used to happen to me as a teenager, back in New Orleans.  It’s hard to describe, but it’s as if some spirit is trying to get my attention through my dreams.  But now I’m living in D.C. and I have no idea how this girl might be connected to present day…


CREATOR:  Did you have help before?


ROCHELLE:  My grandmother, Mémère. She and the Voodoo priests helped before.  But like I said, she died…


CREATOR: So you have some connections with voodoo?


ROCHELLEMémère raised me in the Voodoo tradition.  Sometimes it paired well with the biblical stories and saints from my Catholic father, who immigrated from Mexico.  My brothers and I, we all grew up in a small shotgun house on Flood Street in the Ninth Ward.  But it’s different here in D.C.  I think most would find me insane if they heard about what went down with me as a teenager.  Anyway, I fear I’ve got to figure out how these dreams are related to… to a potentially distressing situation happening now.  If these are like previous Medium Migraines, someone could be in danger. 

CREATOR: Sounds heavy.  Maybe a group of high school students trapped on a school bus?


CREATOR: Nevermind.  You’re dreaming of slaves.  Does it make you think about how you might be enslaved?

ROCHELLE: Me?  (Laughs)  I enjoy considerable freedoms compared to this slave girl, named Kehinde.  If anything positive is coming rom this, it’s that I feel fortunate to be living in this time.  My Creole ancestors could’ve very well been slaves, and if that’s true, I suppose I owe a lot to them and their will to survive.


CREATOR: Could it be that you’re enslaved by your grief over the death of your family?


ROCHELLE: What?  Okay, I insist you show me this card.  Now, please.



(Thanks for playing! 😉

*Fine Print: I have interviewed these characters in random space-time dimensions that even I can’t quite figure out.  Some are being interviewed after the onset of The Story: The Beginning’ s plot, and some before.  Who is when?  You’ll have to read the book to find out…;)

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