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Meet the Characters of The Story! Speed Dating with Dan

The Story: Deviation is the first novel in The Story series.  It was released on Halloween, 2015.  Interested in knowing more/want the bookDan quote?  Subscribe at my Story Creates page.  Geewillakers!  Thanks!  Here is a character from the book, cornered speed dating style:

Dan Jones, 34.  High School Math Teacher

DAN: Hi, I’m Dan.  I’m not sure what I’m doing here, as I’m married.

CREATOR: Would you call yourself a creative person?

DAN: Not really.  I’m a high school math teacher.

CREATOR: But you like to write?

DAN: Well, yeah, I did some creative writing in college.  (Laughs)  That was fun.  I was going to  minor in it…but well, Susan got pregnant with our oldest, so I had to fast track my teaching degree to support the little guy.

CREATOR: And the story?

DAN: How did you know about that?

CREATOR: I have my sources.  Don’t worry, it’s safe to share.

DAN: Okay, so I’ve been working on something.  Kind of crazy actually how it came about.  I was inspired to write when I went down for my Aunt Regina’s funeral in New Orleans.

CREATOR: Would you say your recent creative habits have changed you?

DAN: Yeah, I guess.  I’m realizing writing is, well, an articulation of many interests I didn’t know I had.  I often feel that the story is not mine at all but the characters’, and they are teaching me things about the world.  I know that sounds silly.

CREATOR: Not at all.  Do you ever feel that you’re a character in someone else’s story?

DAN: You mean, am I fictional?  Ha, of course not.

CREATOR: You don’t believe you have a creator?

DAN: Are you asking if I believe in God?  What kind of speed dating question is that?

CREATOR: The most interesting kind.  Please answer the question.

DAN: I guess I believe in God.  I’ve been going to church all my life.  My physical attendance has been pretty good, but maybe I’ve only committed myself mentally to that religion 50%.  I go because my wife wants it for our family, and probably because of habit.

But now…Now I find myself interested in many different religions and belief systems–how they influence and evolve across cultures.  What they have in common…

CREATOR: What’s that?

DAN: Power, expression, and connection.  We often inherit our belief system, and it designates an authority figure or figures–who creates what, and how much power, duty, and freedom we possess within that framework.  We all want freedom and connection.

CREATOR: When do you most feel free, most connected, Dan?

DAN: I think it’s when I’m writing.

CREATOR: So creating is connection?  Freedom?

DAN: Hm, well…


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