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Oh hello, my gorgeous world!

Thanks for coming to my party.  What’s the occasion?

See that dancing, talking cat?  His name is Gumbo.  Many say he’s handsome with his white and ginger coat, all regal in his statuesque posture, but I can’t get over his slightly lazy eye, and the memory of it more prominent as a kitten.  I always sense the insanity in him.

That’s why he dances and talks.  More like scurries, stop, demand!  We are playing fetch as I write this post and sip water from an everyday glass at my party.  Today I’m throwing and he’s chasing a silver twist tie woven around a paperclip.  This is utmost excitement and action, and I’m glad you’re here to enjoy the entertainment!

I hope you’re feeling fabulous in your gowns and tuxedos.  Right, the occasion!  Since the dawn of 2015, I’ve been updating and refining this website, to reflect the Randi Janelle’s Coat of Many Colors.  Randi Janelle has been alive and clothed for a few years now, but she is stepping fully into her splendor – fabrics of various shades and shimmers.

Like so many I’ve met in my generation, I’ve taken the plunge and quit the day job for my artistic endeavors.  This is now my day job.  I am what my mother calls “a multi-potential,” one with many talents and many avenues to tread.  A Jacqueline of All Trades.  A Renaissance Woman.  Roar!  I feel powerful in all that interests me and the multitude of creations I add to this universe.

This site, this blog is one of those creations.  It’s a culmination of my work in whatever form it might take – a photograph, yoga workshop, performance, adventures in Novel Novel Landinsights from dreams and creativity.

It’s kind of a big deal, and I’m so glad you have come to the unveiling.  I hope my work inspires you to seek and conquer your dreams.

Now, since today’s yoga practice focused on the yama*, satya, meaning truth, I will be honest with you.  This quitting the day job is scary, monster like at moments, and simply “oh gawd, do I have a booger on my face?” frightening at times…the point is, it isn’t easy.  There is something udderly comfortable about sucking on the teat of the regular paycheck.  But I believe in the power of the Universe, and MYSELF, which is the most important thing to do…well, always.

And so while we sup at this party and sip from our imaginary golden chalices, we play with Gumbo the cat.  He is me, and the Universe is tossing shiny manifestations my way.  I holler and meeoow and make my demands, but the Universe is orchestrating this blog post of my life at the rate of her (and my, the creator’s) comfort.  Only when the timing is perfect does she get out of her office chair and toss it.  I sometimes feel the insanity of my fixations, the big desires to have that one great paycheck come my way, or see the novel in printed, completed form, but the real fun is the chase.  That’s why Gumbo comes back again and again and again.

So that’s my speech and strange metaphor on life.  Thanks for coming to celebrate the alluring and “fetching” journey of it!

We begin!  Let’s raise our cups!  Cheers!



P.S.  What’s that noise behind all the clinking?  It’s Gumbo purring.  He so enjoys.


*Yamas are the first limb of Ashtanga yoga, or “disciplines.”  Ashta in Sanskrit means “eight” and anga means “limbs.”  So lucky for us there are seven other organized themes to Ashtanga yoga to dribble through life and learn about in blog posts…:)

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